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It is the responsibility of each participant at an SCCA event to complete a "self tech".
* Removal of all loose contents in passenger compartment (including floor mats) and trunk.
* Brake pedal feels stiff
* Seat belts in good condition
Under hood/Trunk
* Throttle return spring (safe and positive)
* Battery tie down secure
* Brake fluid level above the minimum level
* No fluid leaks of any kind
* Fuel cap (and all fluid caps) tightly secured
* Spare tire (and assoc. tools) removed or double checked to be secure.
Wheels and tires
* Tires in good condition (e.g. No steel belts or cords showing, excessive wear) * Tire pressure checked (min. 25psi. for street tires, if in doubt ask)
* Wheel bearings in good condition, no excessive play
* Remove wheel covers or "hub caps"
* Lug nuts torque to spec
* Car does not "pull" to one side
Helmet, Misc.
* D.O.T. rated helmet (Snell SA or M90 for SCCA Competition)
* Car number visible on the side of the car. (Some clubs may have different rules, check with your local club.)
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