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Solo 1 Classes
Solo I events are single-car speed competitions which require many of the safety measures used in racing, but provide a speed thrill. It brings the driver into high speed competition and yet does not expose the competitor to all of the risks involved in racing. Depending on the area of the country you can test your skills at Solo Trials, Hill climbs, time trials, and flat track events.

Solo Trials events are entry level events and provide a speed rush without the possible dangers of the following venues. These events can be run without a driver's suit and/or rollbar (unless you have a convertible).

A Hill Climb, as the name implies, sends one automobile up the hill at a time in pursuit of the fastest time of the day or in its class.

Time Trials are defined as "speed competition on a closed course with one car at a time running against the clock for the fastest time." Roll bars, helmets and seat belt/shoulder harness combinations are required in Solo I just as they are in racing. Either a set of underwear or outer driver's suit of SCCA-approved flameproof material must be worn and the combination of both the suit and underwear, which is required in racing, is recommended for Solo I.

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