Ross Racing Enterprizes Racers Winning Secret

When having the edge really matters.

Keeping a record of all changes, and optimizing your race car handling is how to gain the edge over your competition.

This chassis setup software has a database to store all your track setup records. Car handling is analyzed using tire temperatures to optimize your setup.

This 'must have ', easy to use program works for Sport Cars, Dirt or Asphalt oval racing, or road racing. Your car's performance will be improved when tire pressure, camber and car balance are optimized.

Improved Lap Times Guaranteed.

Easy to use.
(User Guide provided)

Version 25e, (released 2/1/2009)

Free Upgrade
Now available for download.

New Features:

  • Dual Lap Timers
  • Metric/US switchable
  • Free Upgrades
  • Store/Save Lap Times
  • 14 Day Free Trial

  • Racer's Leading Edge

    (Version 25e)

    Racer's Leading Edge CD picture
    Racer's Leading Edge software CD
    (For Use only with Microsoft OS except Windows ME)

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Get the Edge over your competitors!

    Features: (Stores setup records for many cars.)
  • Database:
    Keeps (saves) a record of your race car's setup information for each race or test session.   
  • Car Handling Analysis:
    Graphically displays your car handling and balance. (Dirt or Asphalt tracks)
  • Tire Pressure:
    Determine optimum tire pressures.
  • Tire Camber:
    Determine best tire camber settings for each track.
  • Calculator:
    Calculate: MPH, RPM, Gear Ratios, and Tire Circumference
  • Scaled:
    Save each wheel weight and calculates left, rear and cross weights. Also saves your setup. (i.e. springs. shocks, ride heights etc) 
  • User's Guide:
    Detailed easy-to-use help guide explains how to use each screen. 
  • Lap Times:
    The Lap Timer measures and records each lap time. Up to 60 lap times can be stored with each race session.
  • Multiple Computers:
    Your race information can be moved between your home computer and a laptop for at-the-track information entries.

    Mailing address:
    Ross Racing Enterprizes, Inc.
    12440 Sussex Rd
    Midwest City, OK 73130

    Phone: 405-410-4359



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