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Well you are ready to start racing in the SCCA.

There are some things you need to know and do to get ready for your first race. 

1. You need to find out what region you are in then what division you are in which can be located here

2. You need to check with the local club and see when the next race is, usually located on there website. 

3. Determine what class you car will be in and pick a number for your car. It is a good idea to have a couple numbers picked out incase the  number is taken for that class. Car Class can be checked here

4. Show up at the event and get ready for racing. You will need to locate the registration area and sign in. There are novice and lady classes if  your comfort level is not quite there, but don't worry things get better. Entry fees are around $20.00 without a membership. 

NOTE: It is a good idea to get you tech inspection done first. If you car does not pass tech then there is no need to register. However some clubs will only do a tech inspection on a car if you have registered. Check with the club holding the event. 

5. Clean everything out of your car. There should be nothing in the car that can move including the floor mats and everything in the glove box and center consol if you have one. If you have any type of center covers on your wheels you will need to remove them also.

6. After signing in and cleaning out your car you will need to find out where the tech inspection is and get your car inspected for racing. 

7. Walk the track, you want to try to get at least 3-4 walks in on the track to get an image of the track when driving. 

    NOTE: When walking the course try to walk with someone that has raced in the past and walk the same line you will be driving. 

8. Attend the Novice track walk through, this will give you a lot of information about the track and driving. 

9. Attend the drivers meeting, this is where they will tell you what group you will be racing in (VERY IMPORTANT ), along with grouping the cars
they will also let you know what group you will have to work. Everyone takes turns working the course. Make sure you do work the course because if you don't you will be disqualified.

10. After everything is done, try to get one more walk through in before racing. 

11. Sit back and enjoy watching and driving the race. 
NOTE: Helmets are required for racing, but will be provided if you do not own one. If you own a helmet it will have to be at least SNELL90 certified. Questions can be emailed to

Important Information: 

1. Bring food and drinks. Leaving the race is very hard to do with racing and working. 

2. When registering in the morning make sure all visitors that come with you sign a waiver at the registration area. 

3. Take your time driving. Nobody is perfect, we're just there to have FUN. 

4. Buy an SCCA Rule Book. Books are for sale at registration. There is a lot of very important information about cars, rules and general information about the SCCA.

5. Last and most important, If you don't know or have a question, ASK. Everyone is very nice and willing to help.

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